Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Fish or Love ??

Marissa dreamed about the night where Ryan’s brother was trying to rape her. She woke up in the bed of summer and called Ryan in the middle of the night. She was not able to talk about her fears and what she was feeling about Ryan even she knew that Ryan was there for her. At her school she met a guy, Johnny, who has lived something difficult too in his personnal life. There was a connection between them that grew and Ryan didn’t know if he could trust her new friend or not. I think that Marissa found a way with Johnny to talk about her fears. This made her feel good about herself. She didn't even think about breaking up with Ryan, for her it was just to share something important with someone who could understand her.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Just for her

The Show begins in the office of the safety monitor of Newport School. Cohen is trying to convince the safety monitor to change his decision about Ryan’s expulsion. But he wasn’t able to do it. Ryan, who was waiting outside the office, went back home thinking about his future in Orange County. He decided to stop his tutor’s lessons and look for a job. With the help of a friend, he found one on a boat as a fisherman. At the end, when Ryan was ready to leave, Marissa, his girlfriend, convinced him to stay. When Ryan knew that he wasn’t coming back to School, he was ready to give up. “I can’t study in a good school and my girlfriend doesn’t understand me. “ He must feel lost. Even if Seth had a plan to get him back to school, he didn’t know if he really wanted this. “Maybe it’s time for me to fly with my own wings”. But when Marissa showed up when his was ready to leave, I think that he felt that he was making a mistake and that his future was with her.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Free for All !!

1) Did Marissa’s mother face ruin? Yes, she faced ruin. Mme Copper thought that after the death of her husband she would inherit millions of dollars, but she only inherited his debts. She was obliged to leave her home and live in a motel.

2) Did Marissa go back to school? Yes, she returned to school but not to Harbor in Orange County but to Newport Union. She’s hoping to make a fresh start and leave behind her bad memories.

3) Did Kirsten ask Sandy to sell her company? Yes, she asked Sandy to do it after she returned home. She didn’t want to keep memories of her father and all the work she did with him. She didn’t have the strength.

4) Did Summer like Taylor Townsend? No, she didn’t like her. In fact, Taylor was the person she hated the most in Orange County with the new safety monitor.

5) Did Charlotte try to steal Kirsten’s money? Yes, Charlotte thought that Kirsten was rich, but she learned that Kirsten was going to sell her company to avoid bankrupcy.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hard day to school

The first day of school, Marissa learned that she has been kicked out by the new safety monitor of the school and that Ryan could stay. Ryan tried to convinced Dean, the safety monitor, the she wasn't dangerous for the other students but nothing could changed his mind. At " Kick off Carnaval ", party that was organised by the college to celebrate the new year school, Marissa and Ryan met Dean who didn't want Marisse there, he tried to expell Marissa but Ryan interfered and hit him in the face. An upset Dean yelled that both will never return to studie in his school. Meanwhile, Cindy leared that kirsten changed her decision the move back to her family in Newport with Ryan and Seth. She was afraidto start drinking again and go back into rehabilitation and disappoint her family again.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

"The O.C."

Do you know what to do on Thursday night around 8:00 PM? If not, maybe I have the answer for you. Turn on your television; select Channel 12 or CTV and watch the TV program "The O.C. ". You will watch an excellent series with excellent actors. "The O.C." begins it's third season this week so watch it to get some answers from the final show of the last season. This series tells about the difficulties of two families and the relationship between them. You have Ryan also live on the family of Seth and doesn’t tolerate any outsiders, Marissa in the others family who having drug problems and she is the girlfriend of Ryan. You have too Summer, Seth, Sandy, Cohen, Caleb, Julie and more. Each character is important because he or she brings realism and depth to the series. The story captivates me from the start to the end. Just watch it one time and you will watch it the entire season.